Cobham congratulates the NASA Opportunity team on successful mission

After 15 years, NASA's Opportunity Rover mission has ended.

Opportunity’s original mission was planned to last just 90 sols (92 Earth days). The mission received several extensions and operated for a historic 5498 days from landing to mission end. By 10th June 2018, when contact was permanently lost during a global dust storm, the rover had travelled a total distance of 28 miles and provided invaluable information of the Red Planet.

Cobham plc have proudly been a partner to NASA since the beginning.  Our rotary joins and actuators have been on board the Opportunity Rover and we’re delighted to have been part of the team on this record-breaking mission.

Cobham plc still continue to be at the heart of exploration on mars. Our motors and wireless systems are used in the wheels, antenna and robotic arm joints of NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity, that is currently roaming the surface. Cobham technology is also on the recently arrived NASA Insight mission, which will use cutting-edge instruments to cut deep beneath the surface of the planet to study the history of Mars.